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PARADYGMAT Publishing House

PARADYGMAT Publishing House publishes scientific books and books for the general public on psychology. Our goal is to give readers access to the traditional and state-of-the-art achievements of psychology so that these can be applied in research, the education of students and trainees, and the rendering of professional psychological counseling.

Leaving it to others to popularize psychological recommendations concerning “how to live”, we want to popularize evidence-based psychological knowledge.

We also want to contribute to the development of a paradigmatic Polish language for psychology by cooperating with experts in the formulation of terminological standards and by paying particular attention to the editing of our publications in the name of linguistic correctness and substantive clarity.

PARADYGMAT Publishing House was founded in Warsaw in 2008 by Altkom Akademia Foundation which operates under the auspices of Altkom Akademia, a Polish company with 20 years of experience in providing IT educational services and solutions for business.